Monday, 6 August 2012

Review: Dr. Lewinn's Private formula Hand and Nail Cream

My absolute favourite hand cream is Dr. Lewinn's Private formula Hand and Nail Cream. I am on to my third tube of this stuff and thought I would do a review on my holy grail hand cream.

There's information about this product on the Dr. Lewinn's website.


I previously worked in a laboratory and was forever washing my hands with harsh cleansers, so I've tried a lot of hand creams to combat this working hazard. With many attempts to maintain the hydration of my digits, I've used cheap lotions from the supermarket, natural organic lotions and creams from the Body Shop and some high-end creams too. 

The hand care cream that has called me back again and again, is Dr. Lewinn's Private formula Hand and Nail Cream. This baby contains aloe vera, vitamins A, B, D and E; plenty of goodies that your skin yearns for when it's treated badly by hard work and good clean fun. It contains Panthenol to condition the hands in the form of Pro-Vitamin B5 and is said to condition the nails too. The product is available at department stores and pharmacies in Australia and United Kingdom and Walmart and Walgreen's carry the brand in the US. You can even purchase it online in the UK. At my local chemist in AUS a tube of 100g/3.5wt.oz. cost me $16 on sale but is usually $19.95.

Dr. Lewinn claims that this cream is an exclusive protective barrier cream that works like an invisible glove. And I have to say that I agree! The cream doesn't just hydrate your skin but gives the feeling that it is actually protecting your hands. My skin feels smooth and like moisture is locked in without feeling greasy. The lotion soaks into the skin very quickly and thankfully doesn't leave slime on your iPhone or keyboard. 

The fragrance is quite luxurious and not pungent like some hand creams can be. I'm quite sensitive to smells and hate when my hands smell strongly. This however is a lovely clean and lightly perfumed scent that doesn't hang around too much after the product soaks into the skin.

I definitely feel the lotion is taking care of my hands and giving them beneficial vitamins to improve the quality of my skin. I don't have any dry patches or redness in-between my fingers since using this hand cream. I usually use this cream at night but have started using it during the day after being a good girl and finishing off my last tube of another brand. I've even recommended this great Hand and Nail cream to my Mama who loves it too.

As far as the claim for nail benefits, my cuticles are a lot healthier since I've been using the cream and my nails are more forgiving when they bend. I would say they are conditioned better and deal with the bad treatment they get but don't seem to grow any quicker or anything like that.  


Dr. Lewinn's Private formula Hand and Nail Cream is fantastic for the hands and pretty good for the nails too. It smells classy and fresh, without being overpowering. My hands feel moisturised, protected and soft, and aren't left slimy or sticky. Price-wise it isn't too bad especially for how well it works, it is easy to say the product is great value for money. It moisturises and gives the results of a thick cream but has the absorption of a thin lotion.

I strongly recommend this Hand cream to anyone, especially those who needs extra care for their hands or want a really good moisturiser. Dr. Lewinn's Private formula Hand and Nail Cream is an awesome product that delivers on its promises.

Check out this product and many more on Dr. Lewinn's website.

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