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How to get longer, thicker lashes: Lumigan/Latisse Review & Experiment

I have a great tip for you if you want to have long luscious lashes! A way to get permanently longer and thicker lashes that grow over time and stay that way. It makes a quick lick of mascara look fantastic and completes a makeup look with out adding false lashes.

If there is one product I completely stand behind, it is Lumigan. It is a wonderful product that's function almost outweighed it's ease in application!

I get my Lumigan from and they ship internationally and have reasonable shipping rates and with free shipping to the US.

This is not a paid advertisement and I am in no way affiliated with the company. All the views and findings are my own.

Check out the review and video below or here on my Youtube Channel.


Video Review & Demo

There are many ways to increase your lash length and volume but none are permanent and tend to involve inconvenient methods. You can apply false lashes but that's fiddly, go to a salon and get eyelash extensions that fall out and don't maintain over time, try out fibre mascaras and many other ways that don't cut it for always fabulous lashes.

Lumigan is a opthalmic solution created to cure the pressure associated with Glaucoma and the patients noticed they had some pleasant side effects. Their lashes grew longer, thicker and darker and the pharmaceutical companies decided to market the same chemical as a cosmetic product called Latisse. Now, Latisse contains the exact same active ingredient as Lumigan, in the same concentration, which is 0.03% or 300ug per millilitre of the substance Bimataprost and Latisse costs upwards of $150 if you can even find a distributor and Lumigan costs around $40-50. They work the same so there is no reason to pay the cosmetic price tag to get the same results!

The Lumigan bottle is sealed with a safety seal and is sterile. It comes with an eye dropper top, but you don't want to apply the solution directly to your eye because it will change the pressure of your eyeball. So you use an eyeliner brush, apply one drop then run the brush along the roots of your lashes as if you were drawing a thin line of eyeliner. I do this every night after washing my face and putting on my eye cream and make it part of my routine so I don't forget.

How it works & Results

The way Lumigan works is it increases the growth cycle of your eye lashes, so they don't fall out as frequently and stay on your lashline for longer thus you have more lashes & a denser lashline. As it does this it allows the lashes to grow thicker in this time and longer, thus your lashes are thicker, darker and much longer.

This effect isn't instant, it occurs over a time period as the lashes adjust to the substance changing the growth cycle. Using the solution more frequently won't make the results happen quicker because of the growth cycle mechanism, however you will notice some changes in as little as 10 days.

Below I have taken some pictures of my lashes over 40 days, with and without mascara to show the growth up until there and my lashes have continued to show growth after 70+ days. The end result for each person will be different, but I will definitely guarantee an increase in lash density, thickness and length.

1. Day 1 Naked Lashes 2. Day 14 Naked Lashes 3. Day 40 Naked Lashes 4. Day 1 with Mascara 5. Day 14 with Mascara 6. Day 40 with Mascara 7. Day 40 with Mascara

This same solution can be used to grow your eyebrows as well and can be a useful tool in regrowing over plucked brows or thickening up sparse eyebrow tails. I recently started using it on my eyebrows and have managed to elongate my tail and fill in some less hair areas well and I'm happy with that too.

There are side effects if you apply the solution directly to your eyeball. The glaucoma patients mentioned dryness of the eyeball and light colour eyes becoming darker. I have not had any of these effects and I have used Lumigan over many years and I know people with blue eyes that haven't had any change in eye colour. Possible dryness will only occur if you apply the solution to your eye as in glaucoma treatment but not if you run it along your lashline like I show in the video.

Where you can purchase Lumigan

I get my Lumigan from and they ship internationally and have reasonable shipping rates. They have economy packs where you can buy 6 bottles and have free shipping, which is what I tend to go for and I store the bottles in a cool place until I use them. They must be stored under 25oC and can be stored in the fridge for long term storage. Each bottle has an expiry date on it so refer to that for storage times.


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