Sunday, 8 July 2012

Review: M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip base

It's always important to have a smooth prepared surface for applying cosmetics and the lip area is all the more prominent. I love to wear bold lip colours and having your lips look perfect is always a challenge. Feathering and lasting are two terrible problems with lip products and it's hard to find a suitable solution.

I try to keep my lips as moisturised as possible but with some products, like OCC lip tars, that's not enough to provide a ready canvas. I took the plunge and bought M.A.C's Prep and Prime lip base to see if it could improve my pout performance.


M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip base

M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip base is a primer for your lips and it cost me $33 in Australia although it's $15 in US. That buys you 1.7g of colourless primer with slight moisturising properties.

Once again, I love the boxes for this line of products. This lip primer comes in a very thin sleek tube with a regular twist up, lipstick style dispenser. The tip of the product has a great small tip, so you can apply easily and with decent definition.

The primer goes on in such a soft luxurious way. It feels buttery smooth and glides on so well. It feels delicious! You just apply it after your lip conditioner, then allow it to dry for a minute or so, then apply your chosen lip product. It provides a nice base for your lip product and it really helps with feathering and lasting power. I'm not worried about messy lips anymore and can wear my strong lip colours with confidence.


The price is high, as M.A.C tends to be, however this product should last a really long time and I will definitly get good use out of it. It helps so much with feathering and I will definately be reaching for this every time I want a Lip tar or dark lipstick look.

I love this primer and would recommend it to anyone who likes to rock bold, bright lips!

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