Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Holographic Space-age Lips!

I had a cool idea for full on glitter lips and went all out with M.A.C Reflects 3D Silver as the focus and Sugarpill's Tiara as a liner, with OCC Lip Tarred as a base behind all the sparkle!


Here's a shot that's blurry to show more of the holographic glitter action.


1. Before starting the design, prepare the lips by using a lip balm and letting that soak in for a while. Then apply a lip primer and let it set for a couple of minutes. 

2. Line around your lips with a white lip or eye pencil. Don't worry about being perfect yet, just get a rough guide going.

Note: When doing a two-toned lip lined look like this, I like to line outside my natural lip edge as the defined inner section makes your lips look smaller otherwise. 

3. Then fill in the centre of the lips with a black lip liner. I used an eyeliner again because I don't have a lip pencil in that colour. 

For any mistakes and "colouring outside the lines", use a cue tip to wipe off the pencil and reapply the white.

4. Apply your lip tar or black lipstick over the black liner with a lip brush or small brush with a defined edge. Add a highlight to your cupid's bow with a grey toned silver eye shadow and also apply to the centre of your bottom lip.

Make sure you are neat with this step as clean up is more difficult with a dark lip tar like this.

5. Use a small brush to apply a glitter adhesive to your lips over the black area. Make sure the adhesive is lip safe or at least non toxic. You can also use a clear lip gloss or Vaseline. Use the same brush to pat the glitter on top of the adhesive, trying to keep inside the black area.

I wouldn't recommend the Eye Kandy Liquid sugar for lips, it's great for eyes but honestly kinda stung my lips a little.

6. Mix up the silver pigment with a mixing medium or water and using an angled brush apply it around your lips over the white liner. Pat the silver pigment dry on top of the liner and dab the brush between the border of the glitter and the liner to make sure you've filled in all the spaces. 

I used M.A.C Fix+ sprayed onto a brush and mixed the pigment to a paint-like consistency in the lid of the jar. 

Products Used

M.A.C Prep+Prime lip base
Chi chi eyeliner in Virgin to line lips
Revlon matte Luxurious color kohl Eyeliner in Black Truffle to fill in lips
OCC Lip tar in Tarred over black eyeliner
Inglot eyeshadow #447 on cupid's bow and centre of bottom lip
M.A.C Reflects glitter Brilliant in 3D Silver
Eye Kandy Liquid sugar for glitter adhesive
Sugarpill Chromalust loose Eyeshadow in Tiara wet with M.A.C Fix+ around edge on top of white liner

Sigma brushes: MrB=Mr Bunny kit. PE=Performance Eyes kit

Sigma E16 PE Tightline liner for black lip tar
Sigma E46 PE Shader inner corner for the glitter and adhesive
Sigma E65 MrB Small angle for outer edge silver lining

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