Monday, 13 August 2012

Crackle me this!

I wanted to do a red nail today but not just a plain red. So I delved into my nail kit and picked OPI DS Radiance and OPI Red shatter, then added a little extra sparkle. The Finger Paints Asylum doesn't really come out in the photos, however there is a subtle fleck of flaky here and there under the shatter polish. 

Next time I would do the flaky polish on top of the shatter or use a much darker base got better contrast. Either way I think it turned out pretty good.


You can kinda see the flaky flakes in this shot

Products Used

Base coat
Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator

First layer
OPI DS Raidiance (2 coats)

Second layer
Finger Paints Asylum (3 coats)

Third layer
OPI Red shatter (1 coats)

Top coat
Poshé Super-fast drying top coat
QTICA Half time polish drying accelerator

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