Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bedazzled Scandal

I acquired a sexy looking polish the other day called Scandalous by Revlon and it rather surprised me. It's a unique shade from Revlon, which is good to see from them, and not something I've seen around. The fuchsia/purple glitter suspended in the black polish is cool and yields a quick one step, dark base and glitter look. 

The only drawback is the formula, which is actually quite sheer. I suggest many thin coats, a few thick ones, or a black polish as a base. It doesn't dry too slowly when the coats are thick, especially with a fast dry top coat and Qtica drops, so that's ok and it's workable. It is an interesting, fun, dark and sexy polish that I see myself wearing a lot.

So here's my first try at nail art or nail-dazzling, if you will, with a Scandalous lacquer.


Products Used

Base coat
Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator

First layer
Revlon Scandalous (3 generous coats)

Top coat
Poshé Super-fast drying top coat
QTICA Half time polish drying accelerator

Accent Nail art
Rhinestones from eBay attached with Duo lash glue

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