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Review: Born Pretty 3D Nail Art Roses

I received these beautiful roses from Born Pretty Store and wanted to share a review and a few manicures with you.

I was contacted by a lovely lady named Cynthia from the Born Pretty Store about reviewing some products. As I have bought some nail art items from them before, and had a good experience, I thought I'd take the chance to try some more of their wares to review/use on my blog and YouTube channel. All the opinions given are without pressure from the company and are my own.
I totally recommend the Born Pretty Store embellishments and suggest you check them out here! And to save on pretty things for your fingers, I have a code for 10% off at Born Pretty, so just click on this affiliate lin and type in "MIHW10" at checkout on any order!

Nail tutorials where I have used these roses are Golden Leopard Nail Tutorial & a future nail tutorial with pin stripes which I will update here when it comes out.

Feel free to click on the photos below for better quality and more accurate colour.


Video Review

I received 5 red roses and 5 black roses. The listing for these babies is "5pcs 3D Nail Art Sticker Sweet Color Rose Flower Nail Decoration" and they come under numbers of which the black are #10 & the red ones are #12. At the time I got these the price was $1.58 but at the moment they are on sale for USD$0.99 and I am totally going to pick up some more of them.
Born Pretty Store has free international shipping or you can choose to have your items faster and pay a small amount for shipping depending on where you are in the world. I don't mind waiting and opt for free shipping on the items form Born Pretty cause they are so cheap and I wouldn't want to ruin the economy of the order by adding more shipping than the product cost.
The roses stick off the nail with a raised profile of roughly 0.5cm and gave a diameter of 1cm, however aren't too large on small nail beds or short nails to get in the way of the design it overshadow the nail itself. 

-Spectacular addition to a special manicure.

-Amazing for vintage or pin-up style nails.

-Gorgeous metallic finish. I love the red tone and the black ones are fantastic too.

-Come in different colours to suit your taste and style.

-Shiny finish brings light and dimension to the rose structure so you can see the petals nicely.
-Can look elegant or flashy depending on how you style the rest of your manicure.

-They can bring a subtle sprinkle of zest by adding a single rose to a manicure or go all out and decorate ever nail with these fabulous pieces. 
-Stay adhered well with nail glue. 

-They have a decent sized surface on the bottom of the flower that makes it easy to place them on your nail and keep then there with your glue of choice.

-The fine delicate metal looks dainty and not chunky. It's very light weight and my fingers weren't hindered by the sweet flowers.
-Great for special occasions but not every day wear.

-Sit up off the nail and can get caught on hair or loose threads on clothes.

-Need special care as all 3D Nail art does. If you are doing gardening than this is really not the style for you and if you work a lot with your hands these won't last very long but for a special occasion they are awesome.

-They have sharp edges so can scratch you if you run them along your skin.


I honestly love these roses and will use them again and buy some more for myself. They come in a variety of colours as seen below and I am endeared by many of them.
The roses are delicate so can be squashed or damaged if you're not careful, as in if you sit on your hands or bash them against something. However, as they are malleable you can bend them back into shape if they aren't broken. I never managed to break one, even though I did actually accidentally sat on my hand 😜 The rose did come off but I was able to nudge it back into shape and it looked good as new.
I didn't wear them to bed as I didn't want to wake up with one embedded in my butt or something like that and I suggest you do the same cause as I mentioned they are relatively sharp. I removed them with an orange-wood stick before going off to bed but just using gentle leverage.

I managed to use each set of roses twice and maybe they can get up to three uses if you take care of them, however it could be less as they can be damaged during wear. They are definitely perfect for a special occasion when you need that extra something to put your nails over the top. 
I have created a couple of different manicures around these roses.
See the blog post where I create the nails above called Golden Leopard Nail Tutorial 

For the other red and black nails I added some elliptical rhinestones also from Born Pretty Store which doubled as petals for this look and are a lovely way to add glitz while changing it up from the standard shape. The hex glitter on the thumb accent nail was placed by hand (I may do a tutorial on this method some time) and it makes for a polka dot effect that is in playful contrast to the stripes.

Click here for the blog post for these nails with more information.

I totally recommend the Born Pretty Store embellishments and suggest you check them out here! And to save on pretty things for your fingers, I have a code for 10% off at Born Pretty, so just click on this affiliate lin and type in "MIHW10" at checkout on any order!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links contained in this post.

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