Sunday, 18 May 2014

Darks & DuoChromes Lip Art Tutorial ft Eye Kandy & Inglot

I wanted to play with some duo-chromatic shadows, and I love my Eye Kandy Cotton Candy glitter which is a pink glitter that reflects blue, so I decided to use it in a lip look and give it a dark base to bring out the blue tones. 

I went with my standard black lipstick Portland Black Lipstick Company Black lipstick and neatened up the edged with NYX Black Berry lip liner then patted on the Eye Kandy glitter fading it out towards the edge of the lips. I added a cool Inglot AMC lip gloss in #541, that is a blue/violet tone on top.

The glitter lip looks great on it's own before the gloss and even though the gloss adds more brightness to the blue it is problematic for longevity of the lip. If you want a long wearing lip, I would forego the gloss because the formula eats up the lipstick quite a bit.

This is definitely a lip that I would love to wear often cause the darkness and the bright blue caused by the pink glitter is so fun to create!

You can check out the matching Darks & Duochromes eye makeup here.

And if you dig on bright metallic pigments and smooth easy blendable matte shadows check out Sugarpill here.

Products Used

(Inglot AMC pressed powder #59 for cupid's bow highlight)
M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip
NYX Lip pencil in Black berry to fill in lips
Eye Kandy Sprinkles in Cotton Candy over centre of lips
Inglot AMC lip gloss in #541 over centre of lips 

Sigma E70 Medium Angled Shading brush for glitter
OM She Small eye shadow brush for gloss

Here's the video for the eye makeup.

Video Tutorial

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