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Review: Red Nail Art Bows from Born Pretty Store

I was contacted by a lovely lady named Cynthia from the Born Pretty Store about reviewing some products. As I have bought some nail art items from them before, and had a good experience, I thought I'd take the chance to try some more of their wares.

Here's a review of these sweet n' cute bows from Born Pretty Store and if you want to use these gorgeous nail art decoration for a maniucre, click here and use the coupon code MIHW10 at checkout for 10% discount off your whole order.

Born Pretty Store has free international shipping.

I have a manicure using these 3D red bows, so if you're interested click here to see it or use the link at the bottom of the review.

Click on the pictures below for more accurate colour.


The listing for this item on the Born Pretty Store site is 10 Pcs Red Bowknot Shape 3D Stickers Acrylic UV Nail Art and the item number is #4161. You get 10 red bows for 99c and they are reusable. They are versatile and you just have to use your imagination for the different styles or many uses. They can be used for nail art, decorating your phone or anything you want to stick fun red bows to!

These acrylic bows with pink hearts in the centre and white spots have a lovely bright red colour and can be attached with nail glue to artificial or natural nails. They stayed attached well for 4 days with drug store nail glue and add adorable embellishment to your manicure. 

The bows don't just work on long nails, they look great on short nails too. They are not so big that they won't fit on most nail sizes, but are large enough to make a statement. This is good cause you don't need to have a really long nail bed or length of nail to use these enchanting pieces. The cuteness factor is off the charts and honestly I can't stop staring at them!

The bows are strong acrylic, however you can break them if you hit them hard on a solid surface like tiles or marble. If you do break one, then you can easily use nail glue to stick the pieces back together. Mine ended up breaking in the middle when I hit my nail on the sink, but as I said, it was easily repaired.

The pieces are rounded on the top and flat at the back so, unless you embed them in acrylic while applying false nails, they don't sit flat across the nail. They do have enough surface to stay well adhered and won't come off if you use nail glue unless you are really rough. They can get caught on loose hair if you scratch your head and such, but I was mindful while wearing them and didn't have a problem.

As I said they are reusable, so when you are finished wearing your manicure you can just snap the bows off and then use a cue tip/cotton bud to clean off the residual nail polish and glue on the back. The polka dot details on the top with come off with nail polish remover, so be careful when cleaning the back of them after use. That's why I didn't soak the bows off with acetone or nail polish remover. But as they are so cheap you could do that and throw them out if you were worried about damaging your nails. Half the time I pick off my nail polish (I know that's a terrible habit), so it wasn't a big deal for me to pop off the bows.

These cuties are fantastic for kids who want to play at nails as well and they're so cheap that it don't matter if they loose them. 

The whole site has free international shipping but it takes a bit of a long time. I don't find that a serisouly negative point because I certainly wouldn't want to pay for shipping on a 99c purchase. Most of the items from the Born Pretty Store website are less than $10 and a lot of the products are $1-$2, so free shipping is definitely appreciated. 

I created this cute as hell polka dot nails based around the gorgeous bows. If you want to check out the full nail post, click here.


They are really cheap and add less than a dollar to your manicure while adding an absolutely darling touch. I would say that you need to be careful while wearing them as you would any 3D nail art to not smash them into anything and delicately extract them if you get your hair caught around one. That's the price you pay for elaborate and gorgeous nail art, I guess. I was really happy with this product and am going to purchase some more if I lose one or break one beyond repair, or even if I can't be bothered cleaning them. (Naughty Michty!)

I really enjoyed wearing these and loved the look of the adorable bows on my nails. They are a great size for my relatively small nails and couldn't be a more vibrant fantastic colour. The shipping takes a bit, but it didn't bother me. I can wait for nail art supplies if it's free and honestly most companies take forever to ship to Australia.

I cannot stress how cute these are and if you like to glue things on your tips then I thoroughly recommend them!

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