Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Golden Royalty on Polishpedia

My latest post for Polishpedia as a guest artists is some funky lip art! I love to do designs on the lips and I'd definitely have to say it's my favourite canvass.

I titled the design Golden Royalty because the colours really had a regal feel for me. I love the way 
these complementary shades jump out at you and Sugarpill's Goldilux just goes amazingly well with the purples of Makeup Forever Aqua liner 08 and Eye Kandy Sour Grape sprinkles.

The fabulous metallic gold eyeshadow I used on my lips from Sugarpill can be bought here, along with many other phenomenal bright and colourful eye shadows!

Click the picture below to go to the full post on Polishpedia!

I have many more lip art designs for your viewing pleasure if you care to click here.

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