Monday, 4 June 2012

Men in Black III: Alien look

I was going to paint Ray-ban sunglasses and a little Will Smith moustache on my face to go and watch Men in Black III, however I went in a different direction. I thought I'd do a kind of "Gray" type alien look with elongated eyes using black and green. I don't usually use much green, if at all, so I thought I would spread my wings a little and try something different.

The look came out more menacing/evil than I intended at some angles and ended up looking a bit superhero like. But overall I think it has a weird alienish feel to it, so I was happy with my first go at something like that (and my first go at a lot of green on me).

See below for a list of products used and read on for a description on how to create the look.


Note: Excuse the somewhat crummy photos, I was being rushed and running late for the movie. And there won't always be so many words and such a long post. I just thought I'd do a description for this one as it is simple looking yet complicated.

Products used

-BareMinerals eye shadow primer
-Chi Chi eyeliner in 278 Virgin for outline
-NYX jumbo pencil in 604 Milk and 601 Black Bean
-M.A.C eye shadow in Carbon
-M.A.C paint pot in Blackground
-Revlon Diamond lust in Night sky
-Sugarpill pressed eye shadow in Midori from the sweetheart palette
-Maybelline New York Eyestudio, 202 Mythical Mermaid. Light shimmery green, teal for medium green, and dark green.
-Revlon luxurious colour eyeliner in 011 Black velvet
-Inglot 101R Lightest brown

-Revlon ColorStay eyebrow liner waterproof in Blonde
-Inglot 101R Darkest brown

-Revlon PhotoReady perfecting primer in 001
-Revlon PhotoReady airbrush mousse foundation in 020 shell
-Revlon PhotoReady translucent finisher powder in 001 translucent
-Revlon PhotoReady concealer in 002 light

-Inglot 101R Darkest brown and medium brown mixed for contour
-M.A.C pro powder blush in Cantaloupe
-Inglot AMC white highlighting pressed powder 59 under Inglot 430 Pearl eye shadow as cheek highlight

-Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Midnight
-Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Sugar Plum 085
-Revlon Super lustrous lipgloss in Pearl Plum 090


All Sigma face brushes from Mr. Bunny kit except F82.
-Sigma Foundation F60 for face primer
-Sigma F82 Round Kabuki for foundation
-Sigma F30 Large Powder for translucent powder
-M.A.C 116 for cheek highlighter
-Sigma Large angled contour for contour and blush
-Sigma F70 Concealer for concealer

All Sigma brushes from Mr Bunny kit.
-Sigma E30 Pencil brush for M.A.C carbon in crease
-The Body Shop eye shadow brush for dark green
-M.A.C 242 for paint pot
-Beauty Essentials contoured natural eye shadow brush for Revlon Night sky
-M.A.C 266 for teal/medium green
-Sigma E55 Eye shading brush for bright green Midori
-OM SHE small eye shadow brush for light brown
-Sigma E05 Eyeliner for light green tear duct highlight
-Sigma E65 Small angle for eyebrow powder


First outline your shape with a thin white eyeliner pencil, segmenting the upper and middle parts of the design.
I took the dark green section up to where my eyebrow starts and used that as the transition from dark green to bright green. Take the shape out as far as you are comfortable with, making the top of the shape start at your tear duct and go out diagonally with a curved line, making an oval shape at the outer end.

To add a base to the top part of the shape, use NYX jumbo pencil in milk and fill in the segment. Just use your fingertip to make the surface smooth. I didn't blend out too much to keep the colour as bright as possible.

Then cover half the area between your crease and the light section with NYX jumbo pencil in black bean and blend upwards with your finger fading it out. Use the same pencil for your lower lash line base, making the line thicker at the outer edge and stopping well before the tear duct, (about a third of the way from the end of your eye.) Pat gently to smooth it out, but don't smudge much.

Blend a small amount of matte black eye shadow in the crease and slightly upwards using a pencil brush.

Use a dark green eye shadow and cover the area from the crease up towards the white area/your eyebrow, patting the colour on carefully with a stiff eye shadow brush to avoid fallout.

Place the same dark green colour over the black bean along the lower lid, tapering the shape and avoiding the inner third of the lower lash line.

Now use a cream or preferably a gel eyeliner to create a base for your lid. I used M.A.C paint pot in blackground with a M.A.C 249 synthetic brush and covered the entire lid, creating a sharp line at the crease.

Pat a black eye shadow with some sparkle over the entire eyelid using a fluffy eye shadow brush. (I wanted the black with glitter to represent the stars.)

Use a teal/medium green to transition between the dark green and the bright green areas and outline around the edges of the dark green half of the design. I used a M.A.C 266 small angled brush to do the outline and also blended the colour towards the dark green. Take the medium green down to the tear duct but only beside the black area and also on the far outer edge of the dark green shape.

For the bright green area, use a fluffy eye shadow brush and place the colour over the white base. I used Midori from Sugarpill and did my best to "colour within the lines".

Then blend the area between the bright and dark green further using more of the medium green transition colour, while keeping the outer edges of the design sharp.

Using the same brush as for the bright green section, smudge out the lower lash line and blend out the dark colours all along the lower edge of the shape. Bring in the bright green colour and taper in the shape towards the tear duct while avoiding it.

Using a very small brush like Sigma's E05 I took some NYX jumbo pencil in milk and brushed it on my tear duct, then used a light green to set the colour. Use the same light green and blend it along the lower lash line into the bright green and also above the eye into the inner crease blending it into medium green colour.

For the empty space below the eyebrow I used a skin tone light brown eye shadow with a smallish eye shadow brush to not mess up the design.

For the waterline I used a black eyeliner pencil and also added a little bit along my lower lashes.

For my eyebrows I used my regular brow pencil and shadow over the top, however only coloured in the area that was showing outside the green design. I considered doing a darker eyebrow but thought that would take the focus off the shape of the design. (Later it was suggested to me to have powdered out my eyebrows to dramatise the shape and add more freakiness. I definitely think that would work fantastically well to amp up the weirdness of this design.)

I used a silver and white tinged highlighters on my cheekbones and even on the apples of my cheeks. I also added some highlighter to the length of my nose, my forehead and my chin to give a strange otherworldly glow, although I didn't think that showed up to well in the pictures.

I used some brown shadow for contour in the hollows of my cheeks (as my matte bronzer hasn't arrived yet) and elongated the shading up to my temples to create a slim and oval face. That's as close to an alien's as I could get, keeping to the pointy chin and round top of the head "Gray" alien look.

I used only a small amount of blush and kept it below my cheekbones and more into the hollows of my cheeks to help with the contouring but not had too much colour to my cheeks.

For lips I added dark plum purple lips with Revlon lipstain, lip butter and lipgloss.

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