Monday, 29 September 2014

Sugarpill Brush Set: Review & Hizzaul

I am excited to show you this brush purchased from Sugarpill Cosmetics. I couldn't resist the gorgeousness of the pink handles and pink and white fibres plus I am an absolute Sugarpill junkie, so I am compelled to own everything in there catalogue (and I almost actually do).


Video Review

If you want to become addicted to Sugarpill like I am check out their site here.

I ordered the whole brush set because I wanted most of the brushes and it was more economical to get the whole thing, and then I wouldn't feel like my collection was incomplete. The set cost $68 for the 4 brushes which is a $78 value and the brushes range from $16 to $20 each if you get them individually. The 4 brushes you get in this set are the Large Eyeshadow Brush, Lip Brush, Tapered Blending & Crease Brush & Precision Eyeliner Brush. They are all vegan and cruelty free, made out of synthetic fibres in a cute pink and white gradient.

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