Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Haircare Products

I have incredibly curly hair and this is just what I use to attempt to tame and style my hair. My hair is also very dry, so I use a lot of oils and products to retain moisture. If your hair it is normal or oily, I definitely wouldn't suggest using these products or as much as I use, however here I a list of my stuff.


List of Haircare products

·         Aveda Color Conserve shampoo (1L/33.8.oz)

·         Aveda Color Conserve conditioner (1L/33.8.oz)

After towel drying I use a handful of oil, but I use a different oil every time. Here is the list in order of best and favourite to least.

·         Macadamia Natural oil healing oil treatment (125ml/4.2fl.oz.)

·         Moroccanoil oil treatment (100ml/3.4fl.oz.)

·         Agadir Argan oil hair treatment (118ml/4fl.oz.)

·         BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Oil treatment (100ml/3.4fl.oz.)

Then I use a palmful of styling/moisturising product, again a different one to change it up. Best to last.

·         Aveda Be Curly curl enhancer (200ml/6.7fl.oz.)

·         Redken Fresh curls Curl refiner (250ml)

·         Moroccanoil Curl defining cream (250ml/8.5fl.oz.)

·         Moroccanoil Intense curl cream (300ml/10.2fl.oz)

The only reason the Moroccanoil products are last in the list is cause the smell is really strong and I have a very sensitive nose. They work really well but get used less cause of the perfume heavy, heavy smell.

Sometimes for more hold or shine I use
·         Alfa parf Semi Di Lino Diamante Illuminating Design gel (150ml/5.29wt.oz.

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