Friday, 3 July 2015

3 Strand Twist Tutorial for Naturally Curly Hair

Curl Pride World Wide!!!

Here's another curly hair tutorial and this one is for 3 Strand Twists which is a protective style and I love it cause it looks pretty darn killer.

I have Type 3C to 3B Coily and Spirally hair and this technique still works on my hair giving me ropes of shiny dread like tresses.


Day 3 Twists

Day 4 Twists

And a random time I did it a while a go.

Products Used

Deva Curl No Poo
I got mine here

Lee Stafford Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length.
I get mine at Priceline, but here is the website

Macadamia natural oil deep repair masque 
I get mine from BeautyBay

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil
Also from BeautyBay

Moroccan Oil Curl Defining cream
I got mine locally from a hairdresser but a website is here 

Natural Look Wave Length Curling Balm
I got mine from a local store but here's a website

Large toothed comb
Water in a spray bottle
Fine comb

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